Although there are hundreds more barn quilts in Kentucky, I have chosen to post some of my favorites by county.  At first, I tried to take a photo of every barn quilt I saw!  But eventually I realized that some of them, in my opinion, are just not that pretty! I prefer older barns over the ones with vinyl siding.  I also prefer barns that have some scenery around them. Sadly, I've noticed that some of the quilts are already showing a lot of wear and tear from the weather. I hope that the owners will renovate or replace them as they get older.  

You can find driving directions and brochures for many quilt trails on the internet.  Here is one resource:  Kentucky Quilt Trails and here is another one Kentucky Barn Quilt Map.  Unfortunately a lot of the links no longer work or are outdated.  I have also put any other links I could find for each county's quilt trail on each gallery.  It's fun to travel the backroads of Kentucky and look for these barns.  It's best to take a GPS device, as I've often found myself without cell phone service while out exploring and then the maps on your phone won't work! I encourage you to take a driving tour and capture some of these barn quilts yourself.